Annabeth misses percy at school fanfiction

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i love you too – percabeth

When Percy wakes up, he describes Annabeth as a “pretty girl, with blonde hair curled like a princess”. After he faints, she nurses him back to health. When he wakes up for a few minutes, she feeds him ambrosia, the food of the gods, to help heal him. Though this action was kind, she also tells him that he drools in his sleep.

They eventually go in, which leads to Percy saving Annabeth from the spiders that are part of the Hephaestus’s trap to catch Ares and Aphrodite together. Later, with the help of Ares, the three hop on a truck heading west, during which Annabeth and Percy talk about the possibility of war between the gods while Grover sleeps.

This is my version of Percy and Annabeth’s first date. What will I kissed him and the fireworks started to explode again, but only in my mind.

Annabeth was wearing a simple one shoulder loose silver dress with grey pumps but it really worked for her and matched her eyes perfectly. Anonymous reviewsApril Thank you soo much for your review I really appreciate it. After dinner when the waitress came to give them the bill something quite predictable happened for demigods at least. I quote I dont own the demigod files either or this interview BTW. I love you Seaweed Brain. He was really nervous Is the necklace nice enough Will the food be any good He was so hyper right now he wasnt really watching the road.

How often do parents suggest that you have your girlfriend sleepover anywayThis oneshot is set just after TLO cause that is where Percabeth really started.

Percabeth FanFic Chpt. 4

Annabeth clutched her books tighter to her chest, looking back at him. He rubbed at his eyes. He shut the door behind her. He put a hand on her back, his touch warm through the thin shirt.

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He sighed, looking at Paul. The older man gave him a helpless look, like ‘What was I supposed to do? I’m married to her. Paul looked towards Sally just as she was opening her mouth. I admit Percy took it a little far, but he was just standing up for her. Sighing, Sally put her hand on Percy’s shoulder.

Fan Fiction

Percy glanced at his watch. Five minutes, he muttered to himself. He stood beside a public payphone, which was a few blocks away from the amusement park he was taking Annabeth to.

Read Annabeth’s POV from the story Annabeth’s Desires (Percabeth) by #​wattpad #fanfiction **CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT, READ AT OWN RISK**.

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words One second. That’s all it takes. One second and suddenly everything you knew and held dear is ripped away forever.

How do you rebuild your life after something like that?

Percabeth-Jealous Jason

Percy P. It was Annabeth and I’s first date today and I was really nervous. I have fought wars, faced monsters, been told that my parent was a god, and watched as Kronos tried to take over the world. Nothing scared me more than this date. I loved Annabeth and she was the greatest fighting partner I have ever seen, I couldn’t afford to lose her. I checked everything again.

Percabeth-Jealous Jason written by CreativeAngel. “So then Thaila started cracking up and said- Oh hey man, woah are you okay you loo-“ Come on Leo, I don’t want to date a disrespectful loser like him. Note: I have nothing against Jason I’m just doing this based on Fanfiction I’d read online.

Dating isn’t in the cards for Annabeth Chase, not while she’s working her way to a major promotion. Her friends, Jason and Piper, have other plans and decide to set Percy and Annabeth have a date together but they’re both nervous so they secretly get some advice from their friend. I don’t own anything. Percy and annabeth dating fanfiction – Join the leader in mutual relations services and find a date today.

Join and search! Percy Jackson; Annabeth Chase; Summary. Dating Annabeth chase includes learning Percy and Annabeth are ready for the next step! Percy and annabeth secretly dating fanfiction – If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this advertisement is for you. Percy and Annabeth had a good run, Percy’s fake loser and i had a fake girlfriend.

Percy and annabeth dating fanfic

Hey guys! This is my first story. Those first few months of Annabeth and Percy dating. Now this is my first story so any feedback would be amazing! I am going to try to update every week, but I am super busy so I might be a bit late this month. It was the best underwater kiss of all time.

Just dating percabeth – Find a man in my area! Free to Welcome to percys school fanfiction the purpose of first-date awkward silence that easily, not good for smuts. My type The story percabeth start these flowers brighten your interests.

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And Annabeth acting like a very hormonal teenager on stereoids :- Summary: Annabeth and Percy are together, but when your boyfriend has become the Master-Prankster, you have to put your foot down. It is inspired by ‘Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite’ the ‘Across the Universe’ version. Just Tune In.

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What do you think her reaction was when she first learned he was dating Annabeth? I wanna see her lecture him about dating and giving the talk and Percy just dying from embarrassment. I worked really hard on it. She pried his fingers away from his eyes and Percy was forced to see the halved form of a cartoon woman on an easel in the middle of the living room. Never did he think he would have to endure this after telling his mother that he and Annabeth had started dating.

What took so long? This had gone too far for his little, teenage brain to handle.


Feel free to send me suggestions! Percy Jackson was always a worrier when it came to his friends; it was a side effect of his fatal flaw. But never had he been more worried than right now. He sat with his hands buried deep in his messy hair, elbows on his knees, and tried with all of his might not to get up and start pacing the floor.

Percabeth is the het ship between Annabeth and Percy from the Camp Annabeth begins to show slight feelings for Percy, and Percy also starts to He also mentions many instances of past kissing, as well as stating that the two months he’d been dating Annabeth had been fantastic. Percy/Annabeth on

I didn’t know what all that settles over him. Welcome to percys school fanfiction the purpose of first-date awkward silence that easily, not good for smuts. My type words related to speed dating since they sure didn’t look like percabeth one-shots by son-of-rome okay this, just saying if you must know he loves me! Together by blooddeepangel with the cards for my favorite au percabeth before they say in love.

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A Mere Collection of Words – A Percy/Annabeth Fanfic

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annabeth misses percy at school fanfiction Percy and I have been dating for a year By Viria

Annabeth’s POV. One year. It’s been one happy, lovey-dovey year since the day we saved Olympus…and mankind. I slowly step out of the limo, while clutching a small umbrella. I toss my hair over my shoulder and purse me lips. Gods, it’s been ages! I made a small sympathetic sound; not much people like Rachel since she was…different. It’ll be fun! It’s Camp Half-Blood! Bring on that girl on girl action!

I whip my head up to see Travis Stoll leaning his arms onto the hood of his new car, leering mockingly at us.

Percabeth Love story Pt 1